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    To all interested about visa issues

    posted by  Mariita Ecuatoriana in Belgium forum 

    Hi All!
    Im gonna reply some things that may be useful to some of you:

    For tourist visa denial: To make the appeal you should wait to be notified in writing and then make the appeal (if you want with a lawyer or friend or by your self just googling). Prepare a document with dates and mentioning FACTS not ideas or plans about your relationship and summarizing all the things both of you have done to be together (vacations together, travels, skype conversations, pictures, family meetings, etc). I was denied a tourist visa in 2012 and present my appeal 1 week after I got the letter and I got my visa approved in less than 10 days. If possible show more proofs about your income, for example if you live at home with your parents you can show that you share expenses, something like that.
    For the ones gathering information about their relationship: As the embassy told me : please do not present some sort of Bible of Skype conversations, you have to summarize and present and print at least one or two per month, not all of the conversations or chats you have had.
    For the rest: Keep the faith, one day at a time (like Z Pardo says) and see you in Belgium soon!!!

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