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    busy as a bee

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    It seems like the "trio-tagapayo" is busy these days. Hehehe!

    Thanks, Anna Liza. And like you, I'm also very busy meeting my fiance's family and arranging things. Whew! Btw, where are you gonna take lessons for learning Dutch? How are you adjusting so far? Honestly, it was a little difficult for me on the first day. Meeting his family and relatives...cold weather...having to walk quite far (because apparently, they cannot just park wherever they want to. unlike in PH, you take a taxi/jeepney/tryke) and get off almost wherever you like.)... Everything so different from PH. :S And I also had that feeling of being alone because so far, I haven't seen any Filipinos on the streets here in Kortrijk. I feel like I'm an alien. Do you feel the same sometimes? And how about you ZD? :(

    Anyhow, for the other members of this forum...

    Sharlot, you're right about that. Choose Manille and then type your visa number. You may also want to use Google translate for you to be able to easily understand the texts. ;) Good luck on your application.

    Felipe, I wish you good luck. I really really hope you get a result soon. Waiting is such a pain! :S

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