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    I've applied for Cohabitation Visa August 2013 got my visa November and I'm here now in Antwerp Belgium last January 2014. Regarding your question what I did was. I submitted the proofs of our relationship as much as possible. We've been in a relationship for 3 years now this April 2014 and we have met 7 times already in the Philippines. Every time we checked in a hotel or an condotel we asked for the proof of stay, we kept etickets whenever we go somewhere in Philippines or out of the country, I've printed all the photos of us together with family and friends and I did write the details at the back of the printed photos like the date, location and who is in the photo. I submitted the original copies of all the money transfer receipts, printed all out fb, skype, viber chat, email etc histories. And I have photocopied it 2x and that gives me 3 sets - 1 original and 2 sets of photocopies. It was roughly more than10 kilos of papers that I submitted at the embassy. But it all paid off because we got the visa and we are living together now here in Antwerp.

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