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    nice to see you again

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    Hi Jelyn,

    Good day!

    Welcome back.. How are you dear ?..For sure you're happy in there..By the way, I am planning to re apply as long as I can gather all the documents from my company.

    Hope this time it will work.

    The next time around I should tell that he is my boyfriend..

    For Lambert,

    Good day!

    To put up a business right away is not good if your purpose is for the visa. They will question , why you just build a business in just a few months. So, possible if you put up a business this year you can apply next year at least 1 year old establish.

    If that so, since you have a strong proof of relationship, why don't you try cohabitation (which is applicable to male to male relationship.) I don't know if they will question the age gap for this application.

    Keep in touch

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