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    Hallo again, Theena! First of all, I do not have a blog but I do answer questions here in the forum that is related to my experience as FV applicant before. My husband was interviewed in the office of the procureur. He received a phone call while he was in the office and was asked to go there.

    About the pictures, maybe some visa officers do not ask for pictures. But in my case, I just submitted a thick extended folder with all the proofs of our relationship such as pictures, chat logs, emails, receipts, etc. I was asked for pictures so I showed our pictures to the visa officer.

    Normally, you should know the status of your visa after 6 weeks of lodging your application. Those who knew the visa result after one month are maybe VV or TV applicants. There is an advantage if you have visited Belgium already. The investigation is fast. Those I knew got their visa approval at the earliest time.

    But then again it depends in the complexity of the case and the gemeentehuis of your husband's town. Some visa applications take more time than 3 months because of the factors affecting the visa application. In my case, I waited for 3 months to know the result. I lodged my visa application on September and I knew the result on December.

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