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    Hi I have a boyfriend who is signifficantly older than me and I applied for visit a friend visa last year of september but it was denied. I'm planning to reapply again Septemeber for December vacation of this year again because I have classes until september. The first time I applied we decided not to tell the embassy that we are boyfriends and there were too many reason why the visa got denied. And i just recently enrolled in a school because I want to study photography but then it was questioned too that I only enroll to school for Visa purposes and why should I visit someone who is odler than me. yes i know that I'm noT working and I dont have any proof of profession.

    What do you ai shiuld do then? We've known each other for a year now and he visited Manila for 4 times now. it was April the month where we met each other. He went back here for work July and November and now he's here for a vacation and he'll probably go back July of this year too. i surelly want to be with him in his own country this Christmas.

    If you have any advice of what should we do or any additional papers we need because we have completed all the requirements for Visit a Friend Visa and it got denied.


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