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    we are on the same wave of that documents me and my fiancee is still processing for marriage declaration act to get it, it is not easy we take alot of requirements back to square one.... he go to philippine embassy in brussels to get the certificatu de coutume then go to cityhouse for declaration act to get but it is not yet done we are on the process but it takes alot of time to process this, we already lodge our papers at oct 31, 2012 they got me intterview and taht is the only lacking document i have the interviewer have said to me that it must be an attest to get teh declaration act.. i dont know what she means on that because i never seen a declaratoion act i dont know taht there two types on that.....i am desperate too if i can make it only one document is missing and we have already payed very very very lots of money in this processing of papers but yet declaration acte is still one lacking document we need to comply ebfore they send it brussesls

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