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    Visit a friend Visa got denied: :-(

    posted by  sharon D in Belgium forum 

    Hi there miss Zarah, how are you? i am new with this, the reason i follow your blog because you are very patient reading all the messages of your fellow Filipino and your very helpful to answer all the questions, worries and problem they were facing for their Schengen Visa application.. I am also one of them, i hand in my application and got interviewed last April 28, 2014 and i just got my result through the link that i saw in one of your reply to the forum of fiance Visa. I saw my result through online and i got denied, i don't know why for i am still waiting for the embassy's email about the refusal of my Visa. My question is, is it a great idea to make an appeal? I mean send a remonstration letter as what i have read to some forum. If so, do you have any idea how to make a remostration letter? Thank you so much in advance.. :-)
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