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    Questions regarding fiance visa

    posted by  looking foranswers in Belgium forum 

    Hi everyone

    I just have few questions With regards to obtaining and applying for a fiance visa.

    i have been in a relationship with a belgian guy since June of 2013. And offered marriage the time he had his first visit here in the Philippines. thats was January of 2014 day before he's leaving to Belgium.. months after we decided to to apply for schengen visa "visit a friend" for a simple reason that i want to meet his family and know his culture. But got denied. so im thinking is it because i claimed that im already his fiance, that makes them question why tourist visa?

    So then told him about it, telling him why not we try to apply for fiance visa, then he said it would be difficult as i dont have any properties to claim. question: is it necessary to be able present properties under my name? Second thing, we know that we are supposed to be 2yrs in a relationship before we can apply for fiance visa, question: should it be exactly 2yrs or more?
    Another thing, i asked him if we can marry here in the Philippines. He said it can be but i have to wait for 5yrs as they will think im just after his money or getting in Belgium.. question: is it true that i have to wait 5yrs? Because of some sudden change with the rules and regulations of belgium embassy.. Sorry for flooding too much questions but this are questions that can be answered by people who have experienced it already. Thank you

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