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    Hello! I was a FV applicant before. I got my visa approval last December 2014 and I came here in BE on the same month too. With regards to your questions, just because you are his fiancee does not mean that they can deny your TV application. Maybe you just did not meet the other requirements for TV. It is not easy to apply for TV as what I heard from other people because you have to prove to the consul that you will really return to the Philippines. You should have a sufficient and valid reason to convince them that you will not stay here in BE for good but just for a visit only. Many TV applicants got denied because they were not able to convince the consul with their reasons.

    Having properties under your name is not required for FV application. You can check the website of Belgium Embassy for general requirements. My hubby and I decided to apply for FV even we were not yet two years together. He stayed in the Philippines for one month and we only saw each other once before I applied for FV. But then I still got my visa approval.

    It is true that Belgium Embassy has new rules and regulations every now and then. I also heard that they required such years before a couple can apply for FV or FRV but then my hubby and I proved that someone can still get a visa approval even without reaching those years together as a couple. But the decision of the consul for FV application depends in the complexity of the case of the couple. I hope this helps. Goodluck! :)

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