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    low day today and sorry to hear the news Felipe...

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    Thank you sisters for extending my reason for not visiting or updating as much as i am before in Just Landed, yup, like what ram mentioned i was just always busy with friends and family meet ups. Obviously it is both an advantage coz you are knowing the kind of ople surrounding your man and it helps you not to get bored too right? the only disadvantage is that it can be tiresome.

    Anyhow, i am very sorry to hear this news Felipe, somehow in the back of my head, when you told us that you tried to give the other doc that the embassy ask for but they said it is ok, i remember reading something in the embassy or their website stating that for Visit a Friend visa applicants, they do not accept anymore late docs, once you got the date to submit all the docs needed and forgot something, they will forward the docs first received to Belgium whether complete or not.

    I agree with ZD Pardo, i would re-apply for Visit a Friend visa once again and this time, going thru the requirements and making sure you do not forget any of the docs they need from both you and your partner. You have the experienced on this matter now, so no more excuse for next time, I would be so challenged if this ever happens to me but ofcourse, you and your partner should talk about it and see what is workable for you both to make this possible for the next try.

    I find the site to check your visum status very helpful because the answers here are coming straight from Belgium and it gives you guidance and peace of mind at the same time eventhough sometimes its always not we expected.

    to Sharlot, we all know the waiting time for the result is always a Killer but your almost there.. do not entertain negative thoughts not unless you see if yourself in black and white.

    and i so agree again to ZD that for first time applicants, best if you wil propose a shorter stay of less than 2weeks especially if you have not been out of the country, my first application to the embassy i ask for 27days and i am confident that this should be fine for me because i have worked for 8 years based in United States and was able to get visas to various EU countries due to job sites. (Cruise ship)

    i hope this info helps and these are all based from my experience. Like ZD and Desert Vixen mentioned, anything we can be of help, let us know, it may not be immediately but we will surely help out with advices.

    nice to see this forum active as always and to Felipe and Sharlot, keep us posted and Godbless!


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