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    Thanks a bunch!

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    Hey ZD Pardo, I just read your blog. And it was very informative. Wow. You're so cool. :) I really admire you for sharing your experiences with us. It's such a great help to at least know about someone else's experience as a point of comparison. And like what Anna Liza said, I am also going to share mine once I have a positive result too.

    Now I understand why it came kinda easy for you to have approved visa. You go to the US from time to time and I guess that tells a lot about you not having intention to do some "TNT" stints. Hehehe. I hope you can finally finish your blog about the fiance visa. Can't wait. :)

    And to Anna Liza,
    Let's keep other posted, shall we? I hope we both get a positive result. Very soon. *wink*

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